The Custom Gown Experience
Having a custom gown designed just for you is an incredible experience. It allows you to be part of the entire process as well as getting exactly the dress you always dreamed you would wear on your wedding day. The process will add to the excitement of preparing for your special day as you are involved in every step seeing the dress come from idea to the fully realized dress of your dreams, a unique dress that represents you, and a design that only you will wear.  
The process starts with the design phase where you tell the designer what you want and he takes those ideas to create a design. You will work with him as he sketches your ideas to mold them into a final design that is your dream dress. 
Once a design is created, you choose a fabric and any embellishments. 
Next, a sample is made out of muslin that is used to fit the dress before it is manufactured fine tuning the design and fit. 
The gown is then manufactured and ready to be fit. There will be three fittings in all. 
The first two are done while the dress is still being constructed to adjust the fit, make tweaks to the design, and work out placement of the embellishments. These two fittings are done on the actual dress being constructed using the final fabric and embellishments. 
When the dress is finished, there is one more fitting to make final adjustments to the finished dress. Arrangements for pick-up or delivery of the dress are done once these final adjustments are made at the final fitting. 
Then, there is nothing to do except enjoy your dream dress!